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2018 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report

Canada needs energy. You need energy to survive and thrive. For more than 60 years, Canada’s pipelines have been providing the vital link between you and the energy you count on every day for transportation, heating, cooking, electricity, economic prosperity and so much more. Your pipeline infrastructure is among the very best in the world, and we are continuously improving it to build a secure energy future for Canada.

This report outlines the transmission pipeline industry’s performance in 2017 in the areas Canadians told us they want to know about, including incidents.

Our goals are transparency, and ensuring that you know how hard we are working to make an already safe energy ecosystem even safer. Rest assured, as long as you need energy, we will deliver better.


A path to better delivery

This report outlines the actions we’re taking to continuously improve safety, reduce environmental impacts and help Canadians prosper. CEPA members are working together in 10 key areas to continuously improve pipelines.

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Performance at a glance

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Released due to unplanned incidents on rights-of-way (released natural gas quickly dissipates into the air). While the one significant incident was small (21,789 cubic feet), the incident was categorized as significant because the failure mode was a rupture (caused by third-party damage). As a percentage of natural gas shipped compared to released: 0.000049 per cent.


Remaining after initial recovery (7,447 barrels spilled and 7,396 barrels recovered) from total amount of product spilled on rights-of-way. Some of the product not recovered is dissipated through volatilization (similar to evaporation) and other natural processes. Remaining product is removed through remediation. As a percentage of crude oil transported compared to remaining: 0.000004 per cent.

19 Total liquids and natural gas rights-of-way incidents

The information in this report covers incidents on CEPA member rights-of-way (ROW) in Canada for 2017. Our focus is on ROW as they represent close to 100 per cent of the network and present the greatest exposure to the public. There were 19 incidents on our members’ ROW. Two significant liquid pipeline incidents had an estimated liquid release of 7,403.1 barrels (out of a total liquid release of 7,447 barrels for all incidents), which is 99 per cent of total reported liquid releases in 2017. One of these incidents was the result of a pipeline being accidentally ruptured by excavation equipment. The other was caused by metal loss. One significant gas pipeline incident was very small (21,789 cubic feet). The incident was caused by external interference (third-party damage).