Control Room Management

Control room management procedures scrutinized by experts

NASA, police forces and airports have them, and so do all CEPA members. Highly sophisticated control rooms where skilled technicians monitor and control pipelines 24/7. Control room management processes and procedures are central to Canada’s energy future, so it was one of the first areas Integrity First addressed.

After working together to analyze and identify priority areas and prepare guidance documents, CEPA engaged Environmental Resource Management Certification Verification Services (CVS), a London, UK–based group, to go through a third-party verification process. Third-party verification acts as a triple check to ensure members will deliver the best results. CEPA chose CVS for its energy expertise and in-depth experience with similar programs around the world.

Independent experts from CVS observed CEPA members at work over a number of months in 2017 and 2018. Members’ control room operations were scrutinized to verify the levels of expertise, practices and procedures.

With the verification process complete, CEPA is sharing leading practices identified among members.