Work with landowners, communities and industry to avoid unintentional impacts to pipelines.

One of the biggest threats to pipeline safety is third-party damage — unauthorized construction, development and digging activities that accidentally strike pipelines. To prevent third-party damage, we work with governments, the public, excavating community, developers, municipal works departments and individual contractors to develop education programs and services.

Priority Commitments

CEPA members are continuously improving practices and operations to prevent third-party damage to pipelines. Here are some damage prevention commitments CEPA members have made:

  • Develop and promote damage prevention as an internal culture.
  • Influence damage prevention awareness and positive behavioural change individually, corporately and societally.
  • Zero damages by applying strict standards and systems in designing, constructing, operating and maintaining pipelines.
  • Incorporate risk analysis and mitigation into the damage prevention process to protect the public, the environment and the pipeline.
  • Maintain and use detailed information, records and assessments to make informed decisions.
  • Share lessons learned among members to support the ongoing safe operations of pipelines.

Priority Stage

Priority Stage

The Integrity First cycle ensures that each priority is put through a six-stage cycle that is supported by CEPA and built on a solid foundation of strategic communications and change management.
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