Damage Prevention

Out of sight, but not out of mind

Building a strong energy future for Canada depends on a lot of Canadians – in fact pretty much all of us. Whether it is the landowners whose property pipelines pass through, the people in construction and development responsible for calling before they dig or the millions of Canadians who rely on pipelines to deliver the energy they need, public awareness is vital.

So along with continuously improving safety and environmental protection, CEPA members also work at continuously improving public awareness through initiatives to educate stakeholders on their role in preventing damage to pipelines. While “knowing more about pipelines” is not at the top of the average Canadians to-do list, a little knowledge goes a long way. Programs to boost public awareness enhance safety and environmental protection, and reduce pipeline incidents from third-party damage.

There is another benefit to knowing more. When Canadians understand the sophisticated technology and innovation at work delivering the energy they need, they can feel confident about Canada’s energy future.