Be well prepared to quickly and effectively respond to pipeline incidents.

CEPA members are prepared for any emergency. While pipeline emergencies are rare, operators respond quickly and effectively to incidents through careful planning, ongoing practice and extensive preparation. Emergency exercises are run to practice and tighten procedures. Incidents are examined to improve operations. All members are prepared to come to the aid of other members when called.

Priority Commitments

Key Integrity First commitments have been identified to coordinate the efforts of organizations involved to continuously improve emergency preparedness:

  • Regularly assess pipelines and rights-of-way and apply risk-management practices to minimize adverse impacts to people, property or the environment in an emergency situation.
  • Meet or exceed all new and existing regulatory requirements applicable to operations and monitor compliance.
  • Work closely with local emergency response agencies and community members to address their needs and concerns in the event of an emergency.
  • Have emergency response plans in place that follow an internationally recognized emergency response system.
  • Have the equipment, resources and highly trained emergency response personnel necessary to respond effectively in any emergency.
  • Regularly review emergency response plans, conduct drills and share lessons learned with peers to continuously improve response capabilities.

Priority Stage

Priority Stage

The Integrity First cycle ensures that each priority is put through a six-stage cycle that is supported by CEPA and built on a solid foundation of strategic communications and change management.
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542 Emergency response exercises

In 2017, CEPA members held 542 emergency response exercises, ranging in complexity from emergency drills to full-scale exercises. The exercises included participation of multiple agencies and jurisdictions and mobilization of personnel and equipment as if a real emergency had occurred.