Environmental Stewardship

Controlling emissions across the lines

Providing Canadians with their energy through transmission pipelines creates a small amount of emissions. CEPA members are cutting those emissions in a number of ways.

For liquid pipelines, which emit the lowest quantity, the key area of focus are the tanks that oil is stored in. Operators have reduced emissions by redesigning the tanks to limit the open areas where emissions occur. Then vapour control and recovery systems are used to capture any emissions that do escape. Combined with regular inspection and maintenance, operators have cut emissions considerably.

For natural gas pipelines, the key is reducing fossil fuels used at compressor stations and limiting methane released from small leaks or maintenance activities. So operators have upgraded equipment to be more energy-efficient, diverted or captured the release of natural gas during maintenance and introduced advanced technologies to detect small leaks.

CEPA members will continue to use advanced technology and innovation to further decrease emissions.