Environmental Stewardship

Canada’s energy ecosystem is evolving

Canada’s energy ecosystem (the combination of energy consumers and supply) continues to evolve, and CEPA members are a big part of that evolution. All members have embraced programs to reduce emissions, and others are also producing renewable energy. Enbridge, for example, is one of Canada’s largest renewable energy producers thanks to solar, wind, geothermal, waste heat recovery and hydro. In Canada today we already produce two-thirds of our energy from renewables, placing us among the world leaders – a remarkable achievement given the energy required to live in our northern climate.

As the world demand for energy increases while we simultaneously move towards a lower carbon future, pipelines remain an important part of that future. The reliable and affordable supply of energy, the growing demand for cleaner burning natural gas and the supply of oil needed for things that can’t be replaced, like jet fuel and asphalt, all mean Canada’s 117,800 kilometres of transmission pipelines will continue to secure Canada’s energy future.