Build respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples to foster mutual understanding.

Pipelines often cross Indigenous territories, which makes these communities an important part of the safe and responsible delivery of the energy you need. Whenever pipelines go through a reserve or traditional territory, CEPA members and the community engage to ensure impact on the environment and the community is minimized. Members also engage the community to find ways the pipeline can bring long-term benefits, including jobs, training and business opportunities, to help the community grow and thrive.

Priority Commitments

All CEPA members have well-developed Indigenous relations programs that will inform development of the CEPA Integrity First® guidance document for Indigenous Relations. Members are committed to CEPA’s Indigenous Relations Guiding Principles:

  • Recognize and respect the diverse culture, values, beliefs and uniqueness of Indigenous communities.
  • Promote direct, honest, ongoing and timely communications with Indigenous communities.
  • Foster and encourage Indigenous-focused employment, education and business development measures.
  • Develop ongoing Indigenous participation strategies in cooperation with Indigenous organizations.
  • Encourage awareness and understanding of Indigenous issues.

Priority Stage

Priority Stage

The Integrity First cycle ensures that each priority is put through a six-stage cycle that is supported by CEPA and built on a solid foundation of strategic communications and change management.
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