Message from the Board Chair

Karl Johannson

On behalf of our Board, I would like to thank you for your interest in CEPA’s 2018 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report. It is a reflection of the entire industry’s commitment to continuous improvement. Pipelines play a vital role for Canada, which makes our commitment equally vital to build a positive energy future.

It is a commitment shared by all of CEPA’s Board of Directors, which is made up of senior leaders from Canada’s 11 transmission pipeline companies, responsible for delivering 97 per cent of the crude oil and natural gas Canadians count on. With a goal of zero incidents, safety is our number one priority, and this report reflects our progress towards that goal.

When every company responsible for oil and natural gas transmission does not compete on safety, but instead collaborates to raise the bar beyond regulatory standards, good things happen. Canada needs, and counts on, a safe and reliable supply of oil and natural gas — for life, for jobs, for economic growth. And Canadians can count on the members of CEPA to deliver their energy in the safest, most responsible way.

Karl Johannson
Board Chair, CEPA
Chairman, TC PipeLines GP, Inc.
Executive Vice-President and President, Canada and Mexico Natural Gas Pipelines and Energy, TransCanada Corporation

Message from the President and CEO

Chris Bloomer

The 2018 Performance Report marks our fourth annual report. As always, you’ll find it a clear demonstration of our commitment to be transparent and accountable to Canadians in the areas they most want to know more about — safety, environmental protection and socio-economic contributions. In addition, we have evolved the report to focus on our flagship safety and continuous improvement program, CEPA Integrity First®.

CEPA Integrity First® is focused on driving continuous improvement in 10 areas key to advancing safety, environmental protection and socio-economic growth. Members do not compete in these areas — they work together to share best practices, learn from one another and hold each other accountable to collectively improve the entire industry.

When we work together, we combine the expertise and abilities of thousands of engineers and environmental scientists in order to build a better energy future for Canada. We hope that this year’s performance report creates more awareness about what we do every day to make Canada’s transmission pipelines among the safest in the world. You can count on CEPA members to deliver the oil and gas energy you need for life to thrive in Canada.

Chris Bloomer
President and CEO, CEPA

Foreword from Bob Masterson

Bob Masterson

The chemistry industry and the energy pipeline industry both play vital roles in the everyday lives of Canadians. These two industries have made strong public commitments to meet Canadians’ expectations to deliver their products and perform their services in the safest, most responsible and sustainable way possible.

Integrity First has a similar commitment and similar origins to the chemistry industry’s Responsible Care initiative. CEPA members have committed to work collaboratively to meet Canadians’ expectations for workplace, environment and community safety and to be responsive to local expectations.

The collaboration involves sharing best practices and developing comprehensive standards that the members hold each other accountable to. Integrity First aims to establish the gold standard in operational excellence for energy pipeline companies, and to inspire all energy pipeline companies to meet that standard.

Bob Masterson
President and Chief Executive Officer, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada