Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline integrity check-up integral to the safe and secure movement of energy

A pipeline is very much like a body’s circulation system. It operates continuously to deliver the energy Canadians need for life. So every aspect of the pipeline’s integrity – design, construction, operations, maintenance – has always been a high priority for the pipeline industry. The importance of pipeline integrity is reflected in the fact that it was one of the first areas CEPA members addressed through Integrity First.

Once CEPA members identified priority areas and prepared guidance documents, the next step was to engage outside experts to verify the member self-assessments. Environmental Resource Management Certification Verification Services (CVS), a London, UK–based group, was chosen. The verification experience and expertise it provides will ensure members meet the requirements outlined in their self-assessment, and help identify key areas for improvement.

The verification process is a rigorous examination of every aspect of pipeline integrity by independent experts from CVS that took place over a number of months in 2017 and 2018. With the verification process nearing completion, CEPA will be sharing results among members.