Protect workers and the public during pipeline construction and operations.

Safety is the number one priority of every CEPA member. All members have strict safety standards to ensure every employee, contractor and supplier returns home safely every day. CEPA also works with members, regulators and governments to continually improve the safety of work environments through a combination of training, supervision and safety culture. By monitoring safety performance and sharing information, we maintain some of the strictest safety standards in the world.

Priority Commitments

The CEPA Integrity First® guidance document for Safety Management is under development, building on some of the key principles members currently follow:

  • Keep worksites safe by ensuring that regulatory requirements, company policies and safe practices are followed at all times.
  • Create a safety culture that makes safety a discipline that guides every CEPA member employee’s actions on the job.
  • Every leader in the industry will lead by example, demonstrating and communicating safety to all employees and contractors to ensure that safety policies, practices and procedures are always followed.
  • Train to keep safety standards high, ensuring that workers understand the proper procedures, standards and protocols to work safely.
  • Ensure certification programs are rigorous and kept up-to-date.

Priority Stage

Priority Stage

The Integrity First cycle ensures that each priority is put through a six-stage cycle that is supported by CEPA and built on a solid foundation of strategic communications and change management.
+ Find out more about the cycle and each stage.

0 Fatalities

CEPA’s members are focused on ensuring the 13,376 people directly employed by our industry, and the many thousands of contractors who work on their behalf, return home safely at the end of the day. Just as our members have committed to a goal of zero pipeline incidents, they also have a goal of zero incidents affecting the health and safety of their employees.