Safety Management

Examining incidents together to improve performance for all.

CEPA was created 25 years ago to help keep Canada’s pipeline system among the best in the world. Members collaborate in a number of ways to share information and expertise so all can improve their performance.

One prime example is the CEPA Incident Forum. All CEPA members came together on September 28, 2017, to share lessons from past incidents focused on three key areas:

• Incident causation, impact, and prevention
• Emergency response and long-term remediation
• Safety culture and organizational (management system) enhancements

The Transportation Safety Board launched the conference with a review of the importance of building a strong safety culture. During the conference, members shared best practices so all could improve safety performance on their path to zero incidents. These initiatives are working – incidents have been cut in half in the last five years, and Canada’s transmission pipeline system is one of the safest, most technologically advanced in the world.