Protecting Canada’s critical infrastructure

The world is changing. Up until 10 years ago, Canada’s critical infrastructure of transmission pipelines were relatively low profile, simply delivering the energy Canadians count on. As the need increased to protect all of Canada’s critical infrastructure, from airports to railways to transmission pipelines, CEPA members began actively working with security agencies to protect these energy highways.

Members have been working with law enforcement agencies to develop programs to address physical security (people), asset security and cybersecurity. Just as the industry has standards for operations, safety and pipeline integrity, it was obvious standards for security were also needed, so the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), a leader in safety and environmental certification for Canada and the US, created them. These standards were adopted by the National Energy Board (NEB) as part of its regulations, and are subject to verification.

All CEPA members follow these security standards to keep the energy Canadians need safe and secure.